Anker International provides the following different services that are related to consolidation:

- LCL Consolidation: AI has fixed weekly departures on a global level for LCL (small to mid-size seafreight shipments). We consolidate consignments from different customers, and load full containers. This system cuts your transport costs, because you only pay for the space you actually need for your consignment. You do not pay for the whole container.

- Airfreight Consolidation: AI offers the same type of service for airfreight shipments. We utilize our global gateways to move your shipments cost effectively. With the right cargo mix (dense and volumetric) we achieve lower transport costs and pass on these savings to our customers.

- Vendor Consolidation: AI provides vendor consolidation programs in most markets of the world. If you source from Europe for example, and have multiple suppliers in any given country, and others in surrounding countries, AI puts together a vendor consolidation program for you with a centralized consolidation point where your suppliers either deliver to, or we pick your shipments up – depending on your negotiated terms of delivery. If we have enough shipments collected to fill up a full container, we book the container(s) and move the full container to its assigned destination overseas. If you do not have enough shipments to fill up a container, we can do the calculation to either ship the products in our LCL consolidation or if it still makes sense to ship it in a container. We will calculate the break point for you. The same concept applies in Asia, North America, and South America.