The trade services business unit helps companies in different ways. Here are the main services provided:


- Sourcing products from overseas markets: Anker assists you to find and source the product(s) you want to sell in your respective market(s). Through our global traffic department, we move merchandise and products of all kinds from one country to many others. We help you to find the right supplier at the right costs. We can assist with designing your products as well. We help you to choose the proper packaging material to securely and cost effectively move the product to its destination. We assist with setting up all the customs information and regulations, and will either give you a plan on how to do it yourself, or do the entire set up on your behalf. We can even set your company up as an importer and/or distributor in a foreign country under consideration of all legal terms. Just let us know what your needs are, and we will assist.


- Sell your products in overseas markets: AI Anker Services, through its different entities in most markets of the world, assists manufacturers and distributors to find buyers for its products in overseas markets. If you want to push your products in any given market to sell at a larger quantity, talk to us. We have the right approach for most products in most countries.



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