Anker International provides warehousing logistics services through its own, leased and rented distribution centers on a global scale. We move and grow with our customers, and supply space wherever needed.


Since most customers aim for reduced inventory levels, and keep as much inventory somewhere more upstream, we have become specialist in assisting our clients to reduce inventory carrying costs.


It largely depends on your payment terms with your suppliers to start with. The later you pay your suppliers, the better it is for your balance sheet. If you for example pay your suppliers when the product leaves their plants or the origin port, you have extremely high exposure to inventory carrying costs which reflects your balance sheet on any given month.


In this case you want to move your products the fastest way, using the carrier with the fastest transit time. That program will get you your products faster so you can sell them faster.


AI helps to choose the right transit time for your unique business needs. Talk to us to learn more.



Contact us at : Anker@Anker-international.com